Trust planning

Trust planning

  • We will very flexible and aim to make your estate planning as hassle free a possible for you. We can can even come out to you if need be. If you prefer to visit us outside your home we are happy to do so.
  • Trusts are designed to ensure that your estate and your life’s work are protected and kept the way you like. While your Will is aimed to point out what each beneficiary is entitled to, the Trust will protect your estate from any welcomed threats.
  • Trusts are not expensive and can last for up 125 years
  • We will aim to ensure you receive the best possible advice and you are using and aware of all the available possibilities to ensure your Will, Trust and more and looked after.
  • Sett your estate into a Discretionary Trust, you can protect your beneficiaries from all the above threats.
  • If your beneficiaries including your children are subject to divorce proceedings, then half of what you intended them to receive is at risk to divorce settlements.
  • Your inherited estate is at full risk if your surviving partner is subject to any creditor claims or bankruptcy.
  • The surviving partner will own all assets on first death. However, if the said surviving partner was to remarry, in inherited assests could be lost to the new spouse. This in term means that your children could not inherit any assests.
  • If your surviving partner is in need of nursing care, then the whole estate including th efamily home be need to be assessed in order to pay for the care costs.
  • The amount inherited more than the current Nil Rate band is the IHT that would need to be paid. Remember that there is the potential of a double bite which is wehn the IHT is paid twice on the same asset.
  • On second death the remaining estate is directed by the Will to the beneficiaries absolutely. This then adds to the beneficiaries estate and could impact their own Inheritance Tax.

Remember we offer a free consultation, we can even come to you.

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