What is probate?

Gives permission to adhere to the wishes set out in someone’s Will, it also includes the settling of their estate. If you have the responsibility of executing someone’s will there is a specfic process that you must follow, this includes applying for a grant of probate ( grant of confirmation in Scotland).  Please note that there are seperate processes you must follow if someone dies without a Will, this is known as dying intestate.

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So how does probate work?

This processes involves setlling someone’s affairs. It is upto you to decide whether you would like to take the responsibilty and do it yourself or you can choose a professional to act on your behalf.

Consider appointing a professional if:

  • Dealing with a complex estate

If you choose to undertake the responsibilities yourself you will have to:

  • Submit relevant applications
  • Gather all asset details & distribute assets to beneficiaries
  • Notify banks, building societies, relevant government departments.
  • Selling up accounts, tallying up assets and liabilities
  • Pay off inheritance tax

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